Who are we? We are the Pinto Lake Disc Golf Club, just a group of civic volunteers dedicated to improving and maintaining our public parks for the use of Santa Cruz County residents in an era of stressed municipal and county budgets. Our aim is to make parks more accessible, attractive, and safe for users, and to develop fun and affordable sporting activities that have minimal environmental impact and are accessible to people of all ages, sexes, abilities, and economic means. Our work at Pinto Lake has earned endless praise from the local community, as well as awards from parks associations and the City of Watsonville.

What is disc golf? Disc golf is the world’s fastest growing sport, and is played on over 3000 public courses around the world. Click here to read more about disc golf. The 18 hole Pinto Lake Championship Disc Golf Course is one of the most challenging and beautiful courses in California, and has hosted the 2011 Professional Disc Golf Association World Championship and the annual springtime Daisy Chains Womens Disc Golf Tournament.

When can I play? Pinto Lake Championship Disc Golf Course is open daily between sunrise and sunset. The course is occasionally closed to public play for tournaments, however, we invite everyone to join and play in our tournaments, too! Details regarding upcoming tournaments, and how to register for them, will be posted on this website in advance.

Where is it? Click here for detailed directions and a map. Pinto Lake County Park is accessible via the entrance at 757 Green Valley Rd, Watsonville, CA. Note that there is also a smaller Pinto Lake City Park, which is on the opposite side of the lake from the County Park, and is also on Green Valley Rd. The County Park is only accessible by boat from the City Park, there are no pedestrian or motor vehicle connections between the two parks.

How is this possible? The construction of Pinto Lake Disc Golf Course was made possible by the contribution of over $100,000 in labor and supplies by the Pinto Lake Disc Golf Club in addition to support from other local organizations such as the DeLaveaga Disc Golf Club in Santa Cruz. We also appreciate the support we have received from sponsors, which has been essential for hosting our tournament events.

Why is this good for Pinto Lake and Watsonville? The Pinto Lake County Park Master Plan envisioned the installation of several more soccer fields, parking lots, camping, nature walks, and even a nature center to educate the public about wildlife. Unfortunately, this estimated $25 million vision was not compatible with budget realities, and apart from a leased organic farming operation that ended in 2004, this old ranch property was mostly left alone and became overgrown and inaccessible to much of the public. Gang and other criminal activity flourished, women and families were afraid to enter the middle and back portions of the park. After the installation of the disc golf course, use of the park has soared, including bird watchers, dog walkers, joggers, runners, bicyclists, and families out for a picnic or round of disc golf. Women and kids can access and play in the park again with less safety concerns. Neighborhood kids are out in the park, learning how to play disc golf, and staying out of trouble. More people than ever are being exposed to the wildlife of Pinto Lake, particularly the incredible bird population that migrates through the region every year. For more information, check out the Community and Testimonials pages.

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  1. Love to play Disc Golf at Pinto Lake Disc Golf Course!! Thank you to all the people that created the course, fixed it up for Worlds in 2011, and for this web site!

  2. Truly one of the best courses in the Santa Cruz Mtn’s, let alone in the Bay Area. Thanks to all those dedicated people that cleaned this beautiful course for the 2011 Worlds but an even bigger thanks to all those people that play Disc Golf on a regular basis. WE are the reason this is the fastest growing sport! Our dedication and our compassion towards the game is what makes courses like this a true reality!

  3. I live in Fresno but I was first exposed to the sport on this course a year ago and even though it was filled with poison oak and millions if bees on a certain hole, it was then that I fell in love with this sport. I haven’t been back since I played there last April but it sure would be a shame to lose that course there. I would love to play it again now that I have almost a year of playing under my belt!

  4. Hello,

    First of all, I appreciate leaving the course in the Daisy Chains layout. I noticed yesterday (May 30, 2013) that the tee on hole #4 is being modified and the pin moved to the extreme left position (of the 4 that are available). Is a new shot going to be created to go straight ahead? Some pruning is needed if so. Also, I noticed the tee on #13 was removed. Where is the new tee going? And pin #13 was moved deeper. Finally, there is an eye-bolt in tee #14–what is going on with that?


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